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The AUDIT module manages your audit program. It enables you to:

  • Audit against any standard.
  • Score the result according to a scale you specify.
  • Capture verification methods.
  • Decide who can carry out audits.

The AUDIT module highlights the strengths and deficiencies of your own process and systems against the standard. You can deploy it at any level – from local-unit level to the highest organizational level, at individual staff level or across a whole department, at individual service level or across a whole business unit, and for the current period or over a series of time periods.

The AUDIT module allows you to select appropriate samples, compare audits one-to-the-other, and record actions against individual audit questions. When you respond to a question you can include in your response links to evidence that supports your response. Each result can be risk-rated down to the individual question level, with weighting being applied to each result as required. You can display results in a variety of Excel formats for inclusion in reports and presentations.

You can also use the AUDIT module to conduct surveys to assess adherence to best practice and required standards by staff, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. The AUDIT module can display the results using real-time reporting, allowing you to constantly monitor compliance levels and the effectiveness of current compliance efforts.


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